Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bayern Munich vs Hertha Berlin player by player analysis

Bayern Munich last night had changed the formation to 3-5-2 and led to the comprehensive victory against Hertha Berlin. It boosted up the morale of the players very much and here is the player by player analysis:

Michael Rensing, GK (picture): Another quiet evening for him. As Hertha Berlin was very weak in offense this match, there was no real big test for him. However, he kept his concentration throughout the match and he made some catches of the opposition's shots. Even he lost the goal in the last few minutes of the match, it did not really matter about the match and he was powerless to stop the goal. All in all, he had no chance to show himself this match.

Lucio, DC: One of the three-man defense in this match. He played on the right centre back and he did a great job. He showed his confidence during the match. He won most of the 50-50 balls and made lots of accurate tackles. Meanwhile, he also assisted in attacks and made lots of runs of it. One more thing is, he was a captain of the match and he did a great job to lead the team to victory. He is now currently a Brazilian national team captain, this match can prove he can be the captain of the team. As there was a rumour saying that Mark van Bommel would be stripped for captaincy after he was sent off, I guess Mark van Bommel needs to control himself emotionally to keep his captaincy.

Martin Demichelis, DC: He never seemed like he was just back from injury. He was a centre back, or sweeper in the match and he was very fit in this match. He made lots of accurate tackles and stopped lots of through balls from the opposition. Demichelis proved himself he is the most important player in the defense, as I mentioned previously, he is the key player in the team. Maybe you said he lost a position and led to the Marko Pantelic to score the consolation goal for Hertha Berlin, but as the team was winning, nobody cared about that score. So, perfect game for him!!

Daniel Van Buyten, DC: Compare to last 2 matches, he improved a lot both on defense and offense. He could be seen he was very confident in the match and he looked very solid in the entire game. He did not make lots of attacking runs as he was not required to do so. This performance was just the tip of the best performance of his when he was playing at Hamburg SV. I do hope he can get better and better this season because if the team keep playing 3-5-2, he will be very important.

Christian Lell, MR (picture, right): He was assigned to be the right midfield, or right wing back in this match. As a wing back in 3-5-2 formation, he was required to have lots of fitness and energy because he owned the right flank. This time, he did it. He was confident at tackling the ball and made runs all over the right flank. He made lot of assists in attack, even though the team could not get one of them well. All in all, he had a best game in all these 3 league matches. However, as Massimo Oddo had joined Bayern and he will be available to play in the next match, I believe Lell may not start in the next match.

Andreas Ottl, MC: As Mark van Bommel was suspended, Ottl was the player who filled in his place. Even though he did not catching much attention in the entire match, he also did a great job in the middle of the park. He limited lots of spaces in the opposition's midfield and those midfielders could not create any effective attacks at all. Yes he did lose the ball control cheaply to the Hertha Berlin in the last few minutes of the match and led to the goal, but same words, who cares? The whole team was already standing in the field and waiting to the end.

Ze Roberto, MC (picture): How old is he? 34. Wow! It doesn't seem like to be. He was the eldest player in the team in this match but he was the player who worked the hardest. I could see him all over the pitch, left side, right side, centre, at the back, and at the front! His energy was astonishing! He created lots of runs and tackles in the match and created lots of threats as well. The 4-0 penalty goal was led by the foul on him. He was definitely a mentor of the team, he is the role model of the young players. Bayern should be thankful that he returned to them last season.

Philipp Lahm, ML (picture, left): Bayern Munich and Germany national team should thank God that this 24-year-old talent is playing for them. He simply conquered the left flank in the match. He was very confident to make runs and tackles and led to the 2-0 goal after 10 minutes if second half. He started the run in the left back position and made the one-two with the own player then he shot a wonderful curling goal in the left side if the box. A world class performance of his and it was very grateful to see him like this. It seemed his confident was back. Once he has confident, he can be one of the best side backs in the world.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, AMC (picture): He was assigned to be the attacking midfielder in the match. This role for him in this match was good for him as he had more space to run and more space to create. He played confidently and had a solid performance evern you can say his through balls and set pieces had yet to be further improved. He scored a penalty goal to lead the team to have 3-0 up, 2 minutes after the 2-0 goal. The penalty he shot showed he was very confident in the match and comparing with last season, he should play much better this season.

Miroslav Klose, FC (picture): He did try very hard to score goals, and finally, HE MADE IT!!! He was no confidence at all in these 3 matches, you can see him in his eyes. However, no matter how he scores, he scored! He scored the final penalty goal and led the team had 4-0 up. He deserved a goal in this match, especially he had 2 wonderful chances. You can say the first one his poor finishing led him miss, but how about the second one?? He hit the post in front of the goal line!! He was just cursed!! I do hope that goal can lead him gain back some confident in the entire season.

Luca Toni, FC: He seemed he gained back his best form already. I was happy to see that he recovered the form so fast. He scored the opening goal and it showed his wonderful first touch and shooting skills. Even though his dribbling was still clumpsy, he quality finishing and first touch could lead him to be one of the top goalscorers in the Bundesliga. As the team do need some players with high quality finishing, his performance is very important to lead the team to win.

Substitutions: All three substitutions were all applied in the 71st minute, they were Lukas Podolski for Miroslav Klose; Tim Borowski for Bastian Schweinsteiger; and Jose Sosa for Christian Lell. I could see they tried to score the 5th goal, but as Bayern Munich had fully stopped the attacks and Hertha Berlin had given up this match, it did not seem really important to see them to perform well, they were there for enjoying the match.

Final words: No doubt about this, Bayern Munich had comprehensively beaten Hertha Berlin and gained the first win of the season. All fans should go home happy. It was definitely a morale boosting match after the slow start of the season. I believe it will be the turning point of the entire season as I can finally see why Bayern can win Bundesliga after this match.

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