Monday, March 30, 2009

Wales vs Germany preview

This Wednesday Germany will travel to Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, to play against Wales in 2010 World Cup Qualifier. After a 4-0 victory against Liechtenstein, the spirit of Germany is pretty high. So I believe they can win another match in order to maintain the lead in the group. Now here's the preview:

Things to lead to win: Midfield creation and dominance. This is the biggest strength of Germany. Michael Ballack performed very well last match as he dominated the midfield and the opposition did not have chance at all. At the same time, Thomas Hitzlsperger did assist Ballack in the midfield domination. I believe this duo will start the match and they will keep dominating the midfield. Meanwhile, Piotr Trochowski will be very likely to start as his creativeness and long shot will help the team to break through the tough Welsh defense. Lukas Podolski will have lots of support from the midfield and he is very likely to score. So I believe this match Germany's midfield will play the important role to lead the team to win.

Things to watch out for: Fast counter attacks. Wales defense is very tough and sometimes nasty. So I believe they will have a very harsh tackle to Germany midfield in order to stop them creating. From the last match, it can be seen that after they have tackle the ball, then they will long pass to Craig Bellamy to find chances. Craig Bellamy is a speedy striker and he runs everwhere in the pitch so it is definitely a potential threat to Germany, as Germany defense is quite slow paced. So if Germany cannot get rid of the tough tackles, it will be a great danger to them as it is very likely to concede goals.

General preview: Critics said Germany did not have a great game last week because they did not win too many goals. However, I believe they only played the match in first gear and they did not care about how many they score after they were sure to get those 3 points. I believe the key of this match is the midfield battle. Germany will take an advantage based on their class and better ball control. Wales even can tackle the ball hard, they also cannot create the attack well. They rely too much on Craig Bellamy so that the defenders will have an easier job to do. Rene Adler the Germany goalkeeper will definitely miss the match so Robert Enke will have a very good chance to prove himself he is one of the contenders in Germany first choice goalkeeper. Marcell Jansen may go back to the bench even he scored goal last week as Trochowski is better at creativeness. Marco Gomez is still very likely to play as Joachim Löw would like to give him another chance. All in all, I believe Germany can win this match but the score will not be too extreme.

Last round: Germany win 1-0
My tip: Germany win 2-0

Predicted lineup (left to right, 4-2-2-2): Enke - Lahm, Mertesacker, Tasci, Beck - Ballack, Hitzlsperger - Trochowski, Schweinsteiger - Podolski, Gomez

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Germany vs Liechtenstein preview

This week there will not be any German Bundesliga, instead there will be a 2010 World Cup Qualifier match. Germany will host the game against Liechtenstein at Leipzig this Saturday and then will play against Wales at Cardiff in next Wednesday. Now I will focus on previewing Germany national team on the match against Liechtenstein:

Things to lead to win: No need to mention more, Germany outclass Liechtenstein in all sorts. The most obvious sections are the attacking midfield and the strikers. Even Miroslav Klose is injured, I do not believe it will affect anything to the team. Lukas Podolski will definitely start the match and Mario Gomez will be my second choice. This combination can bring more variety on attack, as Gomez is good in the air and Podolski is good at making runs for the through balls. On the other hand, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Piotr Trochowski will be very important in the flanks as their runs can tear the Liechtenstein defense apart again and again. Michael Ballack will be the player who specializes for the forward runs from the midfield can make troubles to Liechtenstein. As there are so many attacking options, I believe Liechtenstein will not even have any chances to touch the ball based on their limited class. Simply speaking Germany will keep scoring.

Things to watch out for: Attitude. This is most important for Germany. Never underestimate the opponents like Liechtenstein as they have no pressure at all. Liechtenstein had made surprises before as they snatched a draw against Portugal 2-2 in World Cup 2006 Qualifier. Even it was long time ago, it still proved that if Germany get any careless, Liechtenstein can make surprises. Furthermore, Germany nearly lost a goal first against San Marino in Euro 08 Qualifier. Goalkeeper Jens Lehmann was very lucky that he touched the ball out of the penalty box and he was not penalized. All Germany need to watch out for is to get into the match straight after the starting whistle. Early goal is very important for Germany as they can control the match early and erase any possibilities for surprises.

Prediction: I do think Germany will control the match in all sorts. Early goal is expected in this match. As coach Joachim Löw and the players all know early goal will bring the victory in the easiest way. Midfield possession will not be challenged as Liechtenstein is being outclassed and they will have a comfortable game. However, I do not believe fans can see a lot of new young players on the pitch as this is a result-oriented match. So, regular starters are predicted and there maybe some young substitutes will play in the middle to later stage of second half when Germany secure all 3 points.
Last round: Germany win 6-0
My tip: Germany win 6-0

Predicted lineup (left to right, 4-2-2-2): Adler - Jansen, Mertesacker, Westermann, Lahm - Ballack, Rolfes - Trochowski, Schweinsteiger - Podolski, Gomez

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

German Bundesliga Week 25 Tipping

German Bundesliga had reached the final phase as there are only 10 weeks to go. Hertha Berlin is still leading 4 points at the top but nobody can be sure that they can go all the way. Last week I had tipped 6 correct matches and 1 correct score within them. Now here's my tip of this week:

Borussia Mönchengladbach (16th) vs VfL Bochum (15th) - Friday: An important relegation match kicks off this week. Last week Gladbach did very well to lead Köln all the way and won 4-2 in the end. This was very important for them as they had 2-game winning streak now. Their morale reached to the climax and I believe they can carry on this week. Marko Marin and Alexander Baumjohann are the most important players in the team as they link the attacking very well. Bochum on the other side they had outclassed by Bayern München as they lost 3-0. As Diego Klimowicz is still injured, Stanislav Sestak and Christoph Dabrowski will be very important in attack. However, since Marc Pfertzel is suspended due to the sent off last week, their defense will be very fragile and Gladbach will have more chances to score against them. I believe this match Gladbach will have all the advantage in their hand and they will win in this important match.
Last matchup: Match draw 2-2
My tip: Mönchengladbach win 3-1

Borussia Dortmund (9th) vs Werder Bremen (10th) - Saturday: This is one of the major matches in Saturday. Again Dortmund had failed to finish the game against Hannover 96 last week and let them bounced back to snatch a 4-4 draw. I do not want to repeat the problem again as Dortmund always repeat the problem, fail to finish the goal and fail to finish the match. These 2 failures lead them to have the "remarkable" record, that is drawing 13 games in 24 matches. Werder Bremen on the other hand they had a stunning victory against VfB Stuttgart by 4-0 last Sunday. Diego, Markus Rosenburg, and Claudio Pizarro did very well last week and I do believe they can carry on in this week. However, it is unclear about Petri Pansanen if can play or not as he is injured. I believe this match will be the high scoring match again and they will cancel each other out.
Last matchup: Match draw 3-3
My tip: Match draw 2-2

Arminia Bielefeld (14th) vs VfL Wolfsburg (3rd) - Saturday: Bielefeld keeps improving recently as last week they have won 1-0 against Karlsruher and took all 3 important points. Their defense and attacking started to improve and it looks better and better. I believe this game they will keep improving and bring some threats to the opposition. Wolfsburg on the other hand, they have survived the thriller and won 4-3 against Schalke. One thing surprises me is their away form is improving significantly. So this is the reason why they reach to 3rd in the table. Grafite and Eden Dzeko are very important in the team, they have an excellent finishing skills that lead to threats to Bielefeld. Zvjezdan Misimovic is the important playmaker and he can create lots of goals. Considering the improving form of Wolfsburg, I believe they will win this one.
Last matchup: Wolfsburg win 4-1
My tip: Wolfsburg win 3-1

1899 Hoffenheim (5th) vs Hannover 96 (13th) - Saturday: Hoffenheim last week failed to win and dropped to 5th in the table. This hurt them in the title challenge very much and I believe they are very hard to bounce back without Vedad Ibisevic. The other concern is the defense, Daniel Haas failed to impress the fans as he sometimes made cheap mistakes. Timo Hildebrand failed to impress to the coach and even failed to get into the starting lineup. Central defenders did not bring too much confident so that Hannover may have chance to score goal. However, Hannover had the worst away game record as they only had 1 point from all away game. At the same time, the massive injuries, including Frank Fahrenhorst, Steven Cherundolo, and Michael Tarnat make them have more difficult to stop goals. Even the attacking players in Hoffenheim are not at the top form, I believe they can score goals easily and win this one easily.
Last matchup: Hoffenheim win 5-2
My tip: Hoffenheim win 4-1

Bayer Leverkusen (7th) vs Eintract Frankfurt (12th) - Saturday: Leverkusen last week had lost to Hertha Berlin 1-0 and they seemed to continue to slump. It was undeniable that the goal from Andrei Voronin was lucky, but their inability of scoring goals actually the real reason to kill them. Patrick Helmes is still in hot streak but Stefan Kießling is in the cold streak. Tranquillo Barnetta and Arturo Vidal start to get cold streak as well, their runs start not to be so threatening anymore. Toni Kroos is still cannot perform so well so Partick Helmes lost all the support available. However, Frankfurt is not very strong in the attacks. Martin Fenin is not in the good form all season long so far, and the Greek duo Ioannis Amanatidis and Nikos Liberopoulous failed to perform well so that Frankfurt also lost the whole attacking force. I believe this will be a low scoring game and Leverkusen will win by their better quality and the red hot Partick Helmes.
Last matchup: Leverkusen win 2-0
My tip: Leverkusen win 1-0

VfB Stuttgart (6th) vs Hertha Berlin (1st) - Saturday: This is the most important match of this week. Stuttgart had lost the first Bundesliga match since the arrival of Markus Babbel. I believe this is a big moment of him on how to boost the players up as they have lost 4-0 against Werder Bremen comprehensively. Mario Gomez is the most important player in the match and Thomas Hitzlsperger, and Sami Khedira will be the most important players to support Gomez. On the other hand, Hertha Berlin was a bit lucky to win last week, especially for Andrei Voronin, the fortune also favored him. However, it is undeniable that their solid defense made the opposition no chance to score goals. Arne Friedrich leads the defense line very well and they rarely concede goals. Even it seems Hertha Berlin has the advantage in this week, I believe Stuttgart can pick up in time and able to cancel Hertha Berlin out.
Last matchup: Hertha Berlin win 2-1
My tip: Match draw 1-1

Bayern München (2nd) vs Karlsruher SC (18th) - Saturday: Bayern last week had won against Bochum 3-0 without Franck Ribery. Even critics may say the opponent is too weak to stop them but at least they can win the game without him. Jose Sosa did very well last week, but as Ribery is set to return, I believe he will be on the bench again. Miroslav Klose is injured for 6-8 weeks and leads Lukas Podolski is only available striker this week. I believe Ribery will be at the second striker position to fill up the gap and rookie Thomas Müller will be still on the bench. Meanwhile, Karlsruher is still in the deep trouble and it seems they never reach the end of the dark tunnel. All sorts of problems are happened to them and never seems there is any ways to solve it. Marco Engelhardt will be the most important player again and see how long he can stop Bayern. Considering Bayern outgun Karlsruher, I believe Bayern will have a big win even there is only 1 striker available, and most likely to have 1st clean sheet of the season as well.
Last matchup: Bayern München win 1-0
My tip: Bayern München win 5-0

Energie Cottbus (17th) vs 1. FC Köln (11th) - Saturday: Cottbus started to slump and all the efforts they had before were totally wasted. They lost to Hamburger SV last week and led them drop to 17th. They started to going back to their problem, those are lack of discipline defense and shape attack. On the other hand, after Köln had a memorable victory against Bayern, they failed to keep on this morale and they are very unstable in the moment. Once again the midfield failed to support Milivoje Novakovic and led them to lost 4-2 against Gladbach. The defense must concentrate this match as Cottbus attacking sometimes is not as bad as they are. I believe this match will be a draw because both of them are very unstable at the moment and will cancel each other out.
Last matchup: Köln win 1-0
My tip: Match draw 1-1

Schalke 04 (8th) vs Hamburger SV (4th) - Sunday: Schalke still had all sorts of problems. Previously I have said they had the problem in attacking but last week they had the problem of defending. It seemed their attacking started to become normal as Ivan Ratikic and Vicente Sanchez could create some good attacks. Plus Kevin Kuranyi started to get the scoring feeling, even it is still far from enough. However, their defense started to lose the discipline since Bordon is injured. He is likely to return but I doubt his match fitness. I believe the key of Schalke this match is still the attacking, as they need to keep the consistency. On the other side, Hamburger may be affected by the UEFA Cup match against Galatasaray, as they will be back from Istanbul. Ivica Olic and Piotr Trochowski will be very important in the match as they are the core of all attacks. Their away form is also improving so I think it will bring threats to Schalke. Considering the match fitness of Hamburger, I believe this match will be the low scoring game and a draw will be likely to happen.
Last matchup: Match draw 1-1
My tip: Match draw 1-1

So that's it! Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

German Bundesliga Week 24 Tipping

This weekend German Bundesliga has reached 24th week of the season. Hertha Berlin last week performed very well and strengthen the lead by 4 point in the top of the table. However, the title race is very tight still as 2nd to 5th team are all with the same point, only goal difference, or even head-to-head record seperate them. Now here's the tip of this week:

VfL Wolfsburg (4th) vs Schalke 04 (8th) - Friday: Last week Wolfsburg beated Karlsruher 1-0 showed their how tough they defend this season so far. Plus Eden Dzeko's performance is getting better and better so they can reach 4th in the position. This week I believe they can perform the solid defense against Schalke 04 and the opposition are very hard to score them. On the other hand, Schalke has the 2 wins in a row since November last year by winning 1-0 last week. However, Kevin Kuranyi and Jefferson Farfan are still unreliable and Ivan Ratikic is not in match form. They now rely on the scoring ability in the midfield as the strikers cannot do their job at all. Bordon is unlikely to play but he cannot help too much on the attack. So I believe Schalke will lose this game as they are not good at attacking.
Last matchup: Match draw 2-2
My tip: Wolfsburg win 1-0

Hertha Berlin (1st) vs Bayer Leverkusen (7th) - Saturday: Hertha Berlin still look strong after they went through the tricky trip of Cottbus last week. Andrei Voronin is still in excellent form as he was the only person to change the whole game last week. He is still looking very dangerous to Leverkusen as the defense is slumping. Also, the midfield can create the attack well so that Voronin has such as great time. On the other hand, Leverkusen could not recover their best form still as they have slided down to 7th already. Even though Patrick Helmes is still in excellent form but the other players such as Stefan Kießling cannot relieve him. Tranquillo Barnetta works very hard but his effort cannot do too much help. Arturo Vidal is injured and see if Toni Kroos may relieve the position well. The most worrying part is the defense. Lukas Sinkiewicz is not good at all so Andrei Voronin will be very happy as he can get pass him easily. Henrique is the most important player in this match as he needs to stop the Hertha attack by himself.
Last matchup: Hertha Berlin win 1-0
My tip: Hertha Berlin win 2-0

Hannover 96 (13th) vs Borussia Dortmund (9th) - Saturday: Hannover last week had suffered the major setback as they had been crashed by Bayern München 5-1. Aerial defense was the key they lost the game as 4 of them were come from headers. Another problem was the poor away from as they had only drew 1 game in aggregate. However, this week they return to home so I believe it cannot get worse than last week at least. Jiri Stajner is the most important player now. His creativity on the midfield is directly affecting the result of the team. On the other hand, Borussia Dortmund had suffered the loss last week against VfB Stuttgart. It was because they could not attack well. Since the return of winter break Dortmund again and again failed to seek the best attacking form yet so if they trail behind, they are very hard to bounce back as Alexander Frei, Nelson Valdez, and Mohamed Zidan all failed to prove themselves. Tamas Hajnal is the only player who is trustable in attack but sadly he cannot take care all of the attacking issue. I believe Hannover may bring some surprises even they have suffered last week.
Last matchup: Match draw 1-1
My tip: Hannover win 2-1

Karlsruher SC (18th) vs Armina Bielefeld (15th) - Saturday: Karlsruher had slumped to the bottom after their prolonged poor form of this season. Marco Engelhardt had done all he could but the team still struggle. The attacking is still having all sorts of trouble and seems they do not know what scoring means even. The drastic change of attacking style is urgently needed for them now but this match I do not believe they can make anything surprise. On the other hand, Arminia Bielefeld had a bore draw against Eintract Frankfurt. This was good enough for them to catch a breathe in the relegation fight. Again, Artur Wichniarek holds the key of the success and I believe he can score goals in this match as the Karlsruher defense is not so good as well. Arminia Bielefeld will continue climb up the table and Karlsruher will still struggle after this match.
Last matchup: Karlsruher win 2-1
My tip: Bielefeld win 2-0

1. FC Köln (11th) vs Borussia Mönchengladbach (17th) - Saturday: Köln last week had lost to Schalke 1-0 showed the only striker and captain Milivoje Novakovic could not handle the attack by himself. As the midfield had been control by the opposition, the team simply failed to support Novakovic. Armando Petit will be the key player this week to hold on the midfield and makes sure the support from the midfield is adequate for Novakovic. On the other hand, Gladbach had the best match of the season last week as they stunned most of the fans and won Hamburger SV 4-1. The whole team showed their determination and morale in the match and I believe it helps them very much in the remaining 11 weeks. I believe the key of the match is Armando Petit and Tomas Galasek as they both are important players in the midfield.
Last matchup: Köln win 2-1
My tip: Mönchengladbach win 1-0

Eintract Frankfurt (12th) vs 1899 Hoffenheim (3rd) - Saturday: Eintract Frankfurt is starting to get relax in the remaining matches as they feel safe in the relegation fight. Even there are only 4 points different, there are so many teams are behind them so that it is very rare if they drop into the relegation zone in a short period of time. I believe they will not have any pressure in this week so that it is not surprise if they are not able to win this match. Hoffenheim at the same time they are still hoping to create history. They were very unlucky that they were unable to score goal as Boubacar Sanogo had hit the post for 3 times. This match the team will rely on him and Demba Ba as Vedad Ibisevic is out for season, as well as Chinedu Obasi is out for a month. I believe Sanogo and Ba are able to score goals this time if the connect each other well and they are a bit more lucky.
Last matchup: Hoffenheim win 2-1
My tip: Hoffenheim win 3-1

VfL Bochum (14th) vs Bayern München (2nd) - Saturday: Bochum had improved significantly as they had won 3 in 5 matches. The main reason was the arrival of Diego Klimowicz and Vlad Munteanu. Along with Christoph Dabrowski, the attacking had become threatening. This week they still need 3 points to ensure they are going out of trouble but they will have tough time. At the same time, Bayern seemed they had come back as they won Hannover 5-1 last week. The absence of Franck Ribery made the team looked more team work. This week Ribery are very likely to return and see what happen if he comes back. He is still a huge threat to the opposition and I believe he will bring lots of harm to the opposition this week. Together with the astonishing victory in Champions League, I believe they have very high morality and I believe they will win this one. They key of the match is Bayern must not concede goal first, or else they are very hard to climb back.
Last matchup: Match draw 3-3
My tip: Bayern München win 3-1

Werder Bremen (10th) vs VfB Stuttgart (6th) - Sunday: Werder Bremen was a bit lucky for not losing any goals last week against Hoffenheim. No matter Naldo or Petri Pansanen, both of them cannot give confident to the fans in terms of defense. Claudio Pizarro keep missing chances may kill the team this week as Stuttgart are good at defense and counter attacks. Per Mertesacker again has an important job as he is the only player who can stop Mario Gomez. Stuttgart at the same time, they have beaten Borussia Dortmund and maintained the unbeaten streak since the arrival of Markus Babbel. The midfield is so young and energetic that very few teams can break them through. Sami Khedira is the most important midfielder as he control the flow very well. I believe this match Werder Bremen even in the home court, it is still very hard to win. There will not be a high scoring game and I believe a draw is very likely to happen.
Last matchup: VfB Stuttgart win 4-1
My tip: Match draw 1-1

Hamburger SV (5th) vs Energie Cottbus (16th) - Sunday: Hamburger once again proved themselves they could not play away from home, as they lost 4-1 against Gladbach. However, this week I believe they can give fans some confidence as they go back at home, where they always perform very very well. Piotr Trochowski is the most important player again, together with Ivica Olic and Mlaten Petric, they will bring lots of harm to Cottbus. The only concern is they will play this game after the tough UEFA Cup match against Galatasaray, as I believe that match will consume lots of energy. Cottbus at the same time, they failed to score an insurance goal and led Hertha Berlin fight back. They kept on improving but sadly it was not good enough still. They are facing a very tough challenge this week and the only hope for them is if Hamburger players are tired, so that they have chance to make surprise.
Last matchup: Hamburger win 2-1
My tip: Hamburger win 2-0

That's it. Have a nice week!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

German Bundesliga Week 23 Tipping

After 22 weeks of Bundesliga, the title challenge is still an unknown. Hertha Berlin had claimed the 1st spot as they were the only team who could claim all 3 points. Hoffenheim still could not solve the problem of the absence of Vedad Ibisevic and they will have the great challenge this week. Now here's the tipping of this week:

Schalke 04 (8th) vs 1. FC Köln (10th) - Friday: Schalke still had the problem of the attacking. It seemed coach Fred Rutten could not solve this problem at all. Even though Schalke had scored 2 goals last week, the attacking players were still inconsistent. Kevin Kuranyi again is still in cold streak and he just played in the first half in the DFB Pokal loss against Mainz. The midfield still could not create anything as Ivan Ratikic could not perform well. The attacking was still in the cold streak. I believe they are very hard to score against Köln. On the other hand, the defense of Köln is very solid recently, it is very hard to break them through. However, the attacking is too relying on Milivoje Novakovic. The midfield has the great power to tackle the opposition but they cannot assist the strikers. So I believe this match is all about the finishing and creativeness. Even Schalke has home court advantage, it is still hard to call they can win.
Last matchup: Köln win 1-0
My tip: Match draw 1-1

1899 Hoffenheim (3rd) vs Werder Bremen (11th) - Saturday: The match of the week. Hoffenheim has the problem of attacking since Vedad Ibisevic cannot play anymore this season. Demba Ba seems to be the best reliever but he is not so consistent. The defense still has lots of problems based on the position and the timing of tackle. Carlos Eduardo is still the creator of the team and he is very important to score against Werder Bremen. At the same time, Werder Bremen did very well against Bayern München last Sunday, but they lost Naldo as he had received a red card and caused him a 3-match suspension. Petri Pansenan is predicted to play as the centre back just like last match and it is still doubtful if there is any impact to the defense. Per Mertesacker is still the key player in the match as Werder Bremen needs to stop conceding goals to lead them to win. I believe this is a high scoring match and the team with better defense wins.
Last matchup: Werder Bremen win 5-4
My tip: Match draw 3-3

Borussia Mönchengladbach (18th) vs Hamburger SV (2nd) - Saturday: Gladbach seems to be improving in the recent weeks. However Hertha Berlin was too good for them so they lost the game. Marko Marin and Alexander Baumjohann are still the most important players in the team and they do hope they can rely on the home court advantage to bring a victory. However Gladbach needs the better defense in order to stop conceding goals as Hamburger are good on attacking. Hamburger was very surprising for me as they lost to Wolfsburg at home and missed the chance to be the 1st in the table again. I personally am pretty worried about them this match as their away match form is quite poor. Ivica Olic and Piotr Trochowski are the most important players in the team as they can create goals well. Marcell Jansen is another player to watch out for as his runs in left flank is very threatening. However, the poor away form drag them down. So this is the very tricky call for me and Gladbach has chance to make surprises.
Last matchup: Hamburger win 1-0
My tip: Match draw 1-1

Bayern München (5th) vs Hannover 96 (12th) - Saturday: Bayern could not convert the great form in Champions League into the league and they failed to win against Werder Bremen with 1-man advantage. Even worse, they lost to Bayer Leverkusen in the DFB Pokal. The main reason was the players were not fit and they had very few options in the squad as there was not any squad depth at all. Franck Ribery and Miroslav Klose will be very important as Luca Toni is very likely to be out of action. Also, they must defend well as they always concede goals before the score that leads them to have great pressure up front. It is quite lucky for them that they only face Hannover this week. Hannover is very poor in the away form, even though they won against Leverkusen last week, it cannot prove they are recovering in terms of form. So I still give my vote to Bayern, even they will concede goals again.
Last matchup: Hannover win 1-0
My tip: Bayern München win 3-1

Energie Cottbus (16th) vs Hertha Berlin (1st) - Saturday: Cottbus is the other team who is improving quickly. They were very careless that they lost to Bochum 3-2 last week. However, they showed their spirit and roughness to the opposition, the obvious example was the victory against Werder Bremen 2 weeks ago. So I think they can surprise Hertha Berlin this week. At the same time, Hertha Berlin is too relying on the home form but it seems they do not know how to win a game away from home. Andrei Voronin and Nicu will be the players Cottbus needs to watch out for and they are the main force to score goals. Even Hertha Berlin are very fit recently but I do not think they can win this one, as their away form is quite poor and Cottbus fighting spirit can bring Hertha Berlin trouble.
Last matchup: Cottbus win 1-0
My tip: Cottbus win 2-1

VfL Wolfsburg (4th) vs Karlsruher SC (17th) - Saturday: Wolfsburg is playing under the raider and they slowly but surely climb up to the 4th in the table. Now they are one of the title contenders. Eden Dzeko and Grafite keep improving the form and together with the solid defense from Andrea Bazagli, I personally am very confident that they can keep winning this week. Karlsurher on the other hand, I do not think they can make anything special this week as they have a very poor form recently. Also, they still cannot find the scoring formula. So they are very hard to score goals against the opposition. Even Wolfsburg lost 5-2 against Werder Bremen in DFB Pokal, Wolfsburg will not be affected and keep winning.
Last matchup: Karlsruher win 2-1
My tip: Wolfsburg win 3-0

VfB Stuttgart (7th) vs Borussia Dortmund (9th) - Saturday: Stuttgart finally had found the way to win the game, but the opposition was too weak for them. However, they are still in a good run as they are still unbeaten since the arrival of Markus Babbel. I believe their good form will keep on and they will bring lots of pressure to the opposition. On the other hand, Dortmund cannot convert their form into winning the game so they keep drawing. They have drawn 12 games out of 22 games so I believe it is very likely to draw this week. Mohamad Zidan and Nelson Valdez must pick up his form in order to break up the draw curse to win the game. The key of this game is who can break this deadlock first.
Last matchup: Dortmund win 3-0
My tip: Match draw 2-2

Arminia Bielefeld (15th) vs Eintract Frankfurt (13th) - Sunday: Bielefeid is still struggling to get the best form yet. Even Artur Wichniarek is in the good form but I do not believe he is good enough to bring the team out of trouble. I do not see there is any help from the team so if he play badly, the team will lose. On the other hand, Frankfurt did not have any motivation to win the game as they believe they are good enough to remain at the Bundesliga. So I believe this game Bielefeld will control the game and they will win this one in small margin.
Last matchup: Match draw 1-1
My tip: Bielefeld win 2-1

Bayer Leverkusen (6th) vs VfL Bochum (14th) - Sunday: Leverkusen is very inconsistent in terms of defense. They failed to win against Hannover last week and they remained at 6th position only. Manual Friedrich is out for injury for 8 weeks will hurt the team very much, as Lukas Sinkiewicz is very shaky in the defense line. I believe this is the weakest link of the team and Bochum may find some chance there. However, the victory of DFB Pokal will boost their morale very much so that I believe they still have upper hand. On the other hand, Bochum showed their toughness to beat Cottbus 3-2 last week and I believe this morale will keep on this Sunday. However, Leverkusen is too good for them to beat, so I believe Leverkusen can take all 3 points.
Last matchup: Leverkusen win 3-2
My tip: Leverkusen win 2-0

So that's it for this week! Happy weekend!