Monday, October 27, 2008

German Bundesliga Week 10 Tipping

This week German Bundesliga speeds up the schedule by opening the midweek entertainment. Here's the week 10 tipping:

VfL Wolfsburg (9th) vs Borussia Mönchengladbach (17th) - Tuesday: Wolfsburg last Saturday failed to win against Bayern München when they were 2-0 up. It showed the team was a bit inexperienced for protecting the lead. Andrea Barzagli and Zaccardo are not as good as when they were playing in Italy. However, their offense is quite fast to bring threats to the opposition so far. On the other hand, Mönchengladbach seemed to improve much after sacking the coach and Christian Ziege is now caretaking the team, especially in terms of defense. However, considering the better quality from Wolfsburg plus they have home court advantage, I believe Wolfsburg should not have problem to win. My tipping: Wolfsburg win 2-0.

Werder Bremen (10th) vs Bayer Leverkusen (2nd) - Tuesday: A blockbuster in Tuesday night. Werder Bremen this season so far show how fragile the defense is. They keep scoring but they keep losing goals. Last match the defense was better but the team was affected by the Champions League so they failed to win. The defense will be their key to 3 points in Tuesday. On the other hand, Leverkusen is currently on top form, especially Patrick Helmes. Their attack is so fast and furious that there are few teams which can stop them. Considering the fragile defense from Werder Bremen, I believe Leverkusen can upset Werder Bremen, at least they can get one point back home. My tipping: Match draw 2-2.

Karlsruher SC (13th) vs Schalke 04 (7th) - Tuesday: Schalke were seemed that was too heavy for them to play 2 matches in 3 days, so last week the match ended up with draw. Apart from this, it could be seen that their attacks were too simple and it was quite hard to break down the well-discipline defense. This is what Karlsruher has. They have well-discipline defense to lead them to stand tough in the midtable. However, it needs to consider that their fitness is not strong enough to hold on all over 90 minutes and they seem their attack is not as shape as last season, so if they concede goal first, they even are very hard to snatch back a draw. So the crucial point of this game is Schalke's attack. My tipping: Schalke win 1-0.

Arminia Bielefeld (16th) vs Energie Cottbus (18th) - Tuesday: A tough call, to be honest. Both teams have lots of problems in terms of attack and defense, so that's why they are fighting for survive now. The critical point of this game is the match performance. In this situation teams like them are really relying on their outstanding performance to cover their problem. Considering Bielefeld is a home team, they may have the upper hand. My tipping: Bielefeld win 2-1.

Hamburger SV (3rd) vs VfB Stuttgart (4th) - Wednesday: This is the huge match in Wednesday night. Hamburger last match showed their injury problems really hurt the team, especially in defense. They were powerless to stop Hoffenheim to score goals. At the same time, when Piotr Trochowski was forzen, the whole attacks were dead. On the other hand, Stuttgart's Gomez is currently picking up the peak form and he scored 2 goals in Sunday. So he will be the biggest threats to Hamburger this match. The key point in the match is if Hamburger can stop Stuttgart attack, and I do not believe they can. My tipping: Stuttgart win 2-1.

Hertha Berlin (6th) vs Hannover 96 (14th) - Wednesday: Hertha Berlin so far is very solid in terms of defense and attack. I believe the high rate of team work brought them to the 6th position in the table. On the other hand, Hannover even though they have team work, they fail to connect each other in terms of defense and attack. Espeically in defense, it is predicted to get worse when Robert Enke is injured. Last week Werder Bremen was just too tired to win the game against them. This time they won't be that lucky to escape from defeat. My tipping: Hertha Berlin win 3-0.

VfL Bochum (15th) vs Hoffenheim (1st) - Wednesday: Well, Hoffenheim always amaze the fans. Their attacks are so threatening that the opposition even hard to get the ball, so they keep winning. Obesi is in top form and he is the man the opposition to watch out for. His endless fitness brings lots of threats to the opposition. Even though Hoffenheim has lots of weakness in defense, I don't think Bochum is powerful enough to win them. So, Hoffenheim will still be at the pole position. My tipping: Hoffenheim win 4-2.

1. FC Köln (11th) vs Borussia Dortmund (8th) - Wednesday: Both teams are currently in the period of pro-peak form. It seemed they are dropping after the winning streak. Köln seems that the players are starting to fail to hold on the game and Dortmund is starting to fail to make comeback miracles. They key of this match is who stands up first and smiles last. My tipping: Match draw 1-1.

Eintract Frankfurt (12th) vs Bayern München (5th) - Wednesday: Frankfurt this season is totally different comparing with last season. It is because they are having a post-season slump, as last season was very good for them. However, following their 2 wins in a row, it seems the players started to gain their confident. On the other hand, Bayern this season is so disappointing in defense, Kahn's departure leads the team lost the leadership in defense, so they have lost 15 goals and there were only 2 clean sheets. However, the comeback against Wolfsburg plus a win against Fiorentina previously absolutely helped the players to gained back their confidents. Two comeback kids playing against each other this Wednesday, I believe Bayern will have upper hand by they have better quality of players and possessions. My tipping: Bayern win 3-1.

So that's it for this week!

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