Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bayern München 2008 Review (Part 2)

Last time I had reviewed the first half of 2008 of Bayern München. This part I will review the later half of 2008, that is the first half of 2008-2009 Season. Bayern was on the track to become the European elite again, but they were facing the new challenger in the Bundesliga at the same time.

New coach, new style

Since the beginning of 2008 it was confirmed that former Germany national team coach Jürgen Klinsmann would take over Bayern in the start of 2008-2009 Season. Everyone knew he would bring a lot of new style to the team, and he did. Apart of the change outside the football field, such as reforming training system and re-innovating the training facilities, he did try a lot of new tactics. The most obvious change was the formation of 3-5-2, as well as forming the fast attacking team. The change came the rough start of the season, especially having a heavy 5-2 loss against Werder Bremen at home. However, after the players had adepted the change as well as the return of Franck Ribery, the team improved a lot and recorded an 11 unbeaten streak, and 8 of them were a win. Klinsmann's passionate personally also influenced the team, which now had the best form of the season.

The worst Oktoberfest

Traditionally the period of Oktoberfest is the best period of Bayern, but not for this season. During the period of Oktoberfest, the team recroded 2 losses, which were the only 2 losses in 2008-2009 Season. One of them was the humiliating 5-2 loss against Werder Bremen. Voices from some fans had been heard about asking sacking Klinsmann, as they felt sick about the worst start of the season. However, after the worst Oktoberfest, the team had been improving, and Klinsmann was secured to his job. Maybe the reason of the worst Oktoberfest, Bayern only managed to be at the 2nd place in the table after the first half of 2008-2009 season. Furthermore, Bayern never reached at the top of the table so far in the same season mentioned.

Bayern vs Hoffenheim - old tradition vs new power

Nobody had predicted this was the biggest rivalry match in the Bundesliga ever. New power Hoffenheim had surprised everyone and they were standing firm at the top of the table. Meanwhile, as Bayern were climbing up to the second place when they picked up the best form, this match would be the best match of the season. 5th December, 2008, this was the date of the match, Bayern hosted the match against Hoffenheim. Both teams performed very well and generally Bayern had controlled the match, but the team who took the lead first was Hoffenheim. Vedad Ibisevic scored goal first in 49th minute, but Phillip Lahm equalized at 60th minute. It seemed the match ended up with draw, Hoffenheim made the late mistake and Luca Toni converted it into the late late goal. This was the most important victory for Bayern as they could catch up the leader Hoffenheim with equal points, so they can be much easier to catch up to the top of the table in 2009.

Back to the European elite

This was their aim in the Champions League. After the great purchase in 2007-2008 season, the team players were better at the teamwork after the season long partnership. Different from the Bundesliga, Bayern performed very well in the Champions League. The team looked very solid in those 6-match performance and they had won the group to go through to the next round. When comparing to the other group winners, Bayern was also the first within them. This is because they played the solid defense football and it paid off. Their performance had proven themselves they came back stronger after the tragic season in 2006-2007. I believe they are one of the favorites to win the competition.

So I end up the review here. Next time I will make some preview of Bayern in the remaining half of the season, as well as previewing the other teams' performance in the remaining half of season.

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