Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who will be the next Bayern München coach?

Previously I have mentioned what was the different between Klinsmann in the Germany national team and Bayern München. Now we have to look forward and I predict who will be the hot favorite, who maybe to become, and who will surprise me of the new Bayern München coach.

Hot favorite

Jupp Heynckes: He is the hot favorite to be the next coach in fact. The biggest advantage of him is he has a chance now to perform himself in front of the upper management. Now there are 5 games to the end of season and these 5 games will determine his future in the club next season. Also he has a lot of experience on coaching at club level. As Klinsmann failed to impress the board, I believe the club will tend to hire an experienced coach next season. Heynckes had been coaching for more than 10 years and had been coaching around Europe, so his knowledge and experience do help the team.
What makes him to be the next coach: This season result. As there are only 5 games left, there are very few he can do. I do believe he will calm the team down and try harder to win the league title. If he can win the title for the team, I believe the board will offer him a contract for at least a season.

Bernd Schuster: After being sacked by Real Madrid earlier this season, Schuster did not have any new offer yet. So there is a rumour that Bayern is very interested to invite him to join the team. He is a good coach in fact, he had a big match experience when he was coaching Real Madrid. Real looked quite solid but unfortunately Schuster could not convert it into a win. I believe his coaching ability and preference will be suitable for Bayern, as the club needs to balance the attack and defense. However, he needs to get adept to Bayern's culture, or he will be the other casaulty in the club.
What makes him to be the next coach: I believe if Schuster does not have any offer in these two months, he is very likely to become the new coach. His advantage is he can offer to the club a long term deal, which means the club does not need to put efforts on finding a new coach in short term, if the performance and result is satisfied.

Maybe the next coach

Guus Hiddink: There is a rumour to say Bayern also is interested to find Guus Hiddink. If so, this is the best move for Bayern in these few seasons. Hiddink is very knowledgable to football and he can get to know to the teams' strength and weakness very shortly. Then he can set up the individualized tactics and formation to the team. The best example is Australia national football team, he made use the players' high stamina to set up the effective tactics, which is using the high fitness and stamina to stop the skillful and speedy team. Also, he has declared that he will not coach Chelsea in next season so it is still wide open.
What makes him to be the next coach: Well, the biggest concern is he must stay in Russia national team. So which means he will become the next coach as semi full-time based. It will not be a big problem as he did it twice (Australia and PSV Eindhoven; Russia and Chelsea), but it is very depending on his will, if he is willing to coach Bayern, Bayern should invite him.

Ottmar Hitzfeld: Even though there is not much news and rumours on inviting him, I still not to omit this choice. It is not so surprising if Bayern asks him to come back, because he is the only coach who can guarantee to win trophies. His remarkable result makes Bayern to keep a door open for him. Hitzfeld knows how the team works, how the culture in the team works, as well as the personal connection in Bayern is the strongest comparing to other coaches. The board also realize that they are having an excellent relationship between each other so if Bayern invite him, he is likely to join.
What makes him to be the next coach: The reason he left the club was he was too tired to coach the club as he needed to take care of the business everyday, so this was why he chose to coach Switzerland national team, which made him more comfortable. And this is the reason why I put him on the "maybe" list, because he may reject the offer as he is personally too tired for pick up the job again.

Surprise, surprise!

Carlo Ancelotti: Yes, rumour said that Carlo Ancelotti will be the next coach. There is reason to support this claim as Ancelotti is a winning coach in AC Milan. Even thought critics said he won the trophies was because of the great players like Andrei Shevchenko, his winning experience can really lead Bayern in the Champions League. However, his player policy tends to using old players, so Bayern will concern about this as older players means more inconsistent because their fitness cannot support themselves. Plus, it seems Ancelotti is not interested to this offer so this is why I do not believe this will come true.
What makes him to be the next coach: Well, unless Ancelotti suddenly has a very bad relationship to AC Milan, and he suddenly gets sacked by the club, then Bayern are so desperate to get a new coach, Ancelotti will come.

Arsene Wenger: Yes, right, rumour said so. I personally do not believe it but I just say what his strength is. He is very good at coaching the youngsters. Just look at Arsenal, the team is very young and energetic and there are lot more talents to come. Bayern now needs more youngster to support the team in long term so this is the reason why rumour claimed Bayern was interested to invite Wenger. However, as his position in Arsenal is so tight, I do not believe this is the choice at all.
What makes him to be the next coach: Same as last one, the relationship between each them turns very bad suddenly and he is getting sacked immediately. Plus Wenger suddenly feels interested to accept this new challenge will make him to be the next coach. However, I will win the biggest lottery in the world if it actually happens.

All in all I believe the new coach in Bayern will be very experienced, as well as get used to winning. As the team needs an instinct result, fans will not see any new changes next season, which means they will turn back to the start.

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