Thursday, June 12, 2008

Germany in Euro 08 - Match 2 Analysis

It maybe a bit late to write an analysis now, but it's better to be late a bit coz I can let go my emotions away and make an unbiased analysis. Of course, as a hardcore German fans, we must stand side by side to stick together and Germany will prevail. OK, here's my little anaylsis:

Defence: Tragic, this is the only word I can think about. Lack of discipline create both goals for the Croatians. The Germans have no clue to stop the attack from both flanks, the Croatians make lots of threats from it. Marcell Jansen (picture) has the poor game last night as he can stop the first goal if he finds out earlier that Dario Srna have already taken the scoring position. Jansen can't even create the attack in left side so he can't make any complaint when he is substituted at halftime. The centre backs are not quite well, but they can maintain the normal form. Marks: 45/100.

Midfield: The Croatians win all the possessions in the midfield. All the German midfields can do is to fight against them, not creating the attack. Michael Ballack and Torsten Frings do what they can to try to level things up but it's still not enough. It's pretty sad to see that. David Odonkor needs to prove himself harder to explain why he is worth to be chosen rather than Marko Marin, or even Jermain Jones. Bastian Schweinsteiger (picture) works pretty hard when he is subsitituted, but his unwise red card really hurts the team, it even hurts harder than the match itself, as he will be suspended in the next crucial match. Marks: 50/100 (I didn't count the Schweinsteiger dismissal as it's quite unfair to the other players).

Attack: Lukas Podolski is the only player who shines in the German side. He keeps the great form and helps the Germans to claw one back and gives hope to get all things level. He does the great job. Miroslav Klose (picture) wants to forget this match together with Mario Gomez as they both are invisible in the entire match. They don't have any confidence at all. I think this is more serious than the defence. It's quite lucky to have Podolski who is very fit that the German can score 3 goals so far, and, those 3 goals are all scored by Podolski!! For long term the German needs to figure out how to help Klose and Gomez regain their confident in the entire tournament. Marks: 50/100.

Overall: The Germans didn't learn the lesson from the warm up match against Serbia 2 weeks ago. They make the same mistake in this match and this is very hurt to the Germans. Next match against Austria is the final. No room to hide, no room to run, the Germans must win. Now the Croatian have won the group and the Germans only maintain the seat to qualify to quarter final against Portugal. Changes are predicted in the next match, Tim Borowski (picture) is predicted to start the match and Jansen may become the substitute. The defence line may re-organize that Heiko Westermann or Arne Friedrich may start the match as the right back, and Philipp Lahm will start at the left. Overall mark: 45/100, I failed the German coz they can avoid the defeat at least.

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