Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Germany in Euro 08 - Match 3 Analysis

My apology that it is late to make an analysis here. Germany has successfully qualify the group stage and will face Portugal this Thursday. Before facing Portugal, let's make some analysis before the matchup.

Defence: The defence has not much tough test this match. Arne Friedrich is the only change compare to last match. He is OK in defence, even his attacking is not good enough still. However, I do think that the defence play the crucial role in this kind of crucial match as the German can't afford to lose a goal first. Philipp Lahm (picture) is the star of the game. He is much better at the left back, even though he prefers to be right back. He forces a foul and lead to the crucial goal. The Germans should be very happy that Lahm is back to his best form as it is very important in the next match. Mark: 77/100.

Midfield: Michal Ballack (picture), Mr. Big Match, you've done it again! He creates the first set piece goal in the entire tournament and his aggression really boost the Germans up. The others do the great job both in offense and defence. Clemens Fritz does not play very well and I think besides the first match, he plays only fairly well. Next match against Portugal, I think the Germans can put Bastian Schweinsteiger as the starter as he is quite hard working and fresh. Also, his long shot can create threats to Portugal too. Marks: 80/100.

Attack: No sign of any regaining any form yet. Miroslav Klose (picture) and Mario Gomez still do not have any confident at all. When I watch Gomez fails to score in front of the empty net, I feel that he is facing the problem of lack of confidence. It maybe because this tournament is his first big event for him and he feels really anxious about the match. So his great form in Stuttgart can't convert to the match. Klose is facing the scoreless drought in the 2nd half of the season and now his scoreless drought continues in the national team. Even the Germans win the match, I don't think the front pair do anything magical in the match. Marks: 50/100.

Overall: Big match team, this is what the Germany fans call their favourite. This time, the big match team has done it again. They make it through to the quarter final before falling off the cliff. In general the Germans have not done well in the first 3 matches but the quality and the big match experience help them through. I'm a bit surprised that Joachim Löw (picture) still keeps Gomez on the starting lineup. Maybe Löw believes he can regain his confident. However, I think Gomez should be on the bench to release his pressure and when he is substituted, he will be the fresh man to play. Overall mark: 70/100.

Now it's all about morality. All the tactical problems are all cliche. Going into the quarter final stage is all about the pitch performance. So personally I don't think Germany is an underdog in the upcoming match. Portugal coach Scolari (picture) also thinks this way. So this match is pretty spectacular as both teams are the big match team. Of course, as a hardcore Germany fan, I will fully support Germany that night and I think the pitch performance will be the winning key.

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