Friday, September 26, 2008

Bayern Munich vs Nürnberg player-by-player analysis

Bayern Munich had bounced back with a 2-0 victory against Nürnberg in DFB Porkal Wednesday night. The main reason was Klinsmann had changed back to 4-4-2 formation. Now here's the analysis:

Michael Rensing, GK: Compare with last match, Rensing that evening did not have much threats that needed him to save. There was one great shot from the opposition that he also saved the ball well. He showed his concentration during the entired match. Also, compare with last match, he was also calm in the match as some mis-communication occured in the defense and he dealt with it well. So this was a good game for him.

Massimo Oddo, DR: Finally! This was what I was waiting for! He should have started the match. He was very effective offensively and defensively in the right flank and helped the team balanced. His great cross made Miroslav Klose to score goal. Also, during the entired game, he never stopped running and relieved the centre defense a lot. As I said before, he is the best full back in Bayern Munich and he should be the regular starter in the team.

Lucio, DC: As Bayern changed back to 4-4-2, it obviously could be seen that Lucio was far more comfortable. He did not need to fill in the space in the right flank as Oddo was there, so all he needed to do was stay in the position and made the accurate tackles and headers, and he did it well. Compare with the 3-5-2 formation, it seemed this formation could let him relieved a lot and he can play better.

Martin Demichelis, DC: As usual, his performace really matters. He made lots of crucial tackles during the game and helped the team to keep the clean sheet in the entired game. He once again showed himself that he is the most important player in Bayern Munich. Also, he had more guts to make some hard tackles, unlike last match. Good work for him!

Philipp Lahm, DL: We all can see the difference, don't we? Under the 4-4-2 formation, he was far more comfortable because he did not need to run all the way from the own base line to the other own base line! He always was in the right place in the defending, as there was Tim Borowski helped him in the left side. So, he could focus more on the defending, and assist more when the team was on the ball. Furthermore, as Tim Borowski was helping, his run to the front was more effective as he could use the left flank player to make one-two to create more space for him. So I believe Lahm is better in 4-4-2 formation.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, MR: It looked like he played at the right wing but in fact he ran from the right flank to the centre of the park. It seemed he could avoid the heavy traffic from the opposition and he played better that when he started in the middle. This run made the opposition confused and created more spaces for him to made chances. In Germany national team, it can be seen that this tactic can make him to create more chances and even score goals. So I believe he is better to put him in the flank rather than in the centre.

Andreas Ottl, MC: He replaced Mark van Bommel in this match. The main task for him this match was filling in the spaces in the midfield plus covering Ze Roerto when Bayern was in attack. He did a sensational job and the opposition barely had any chances. Furthermore, he also made some good run to create chances, epsecially his run assisted Tim Borowski to score the 2nd goal. For short term he is the important player in the squad rotation system, but in middle term, he can replace Mark van Bommel to be the regular starter.

Ze Roberto, MC: Even though the team in this match was playing 4-4-2 double defense midfielder formation, Ze Roberto did not look like he was one of the defense midfielders. When the team was on the ball in attack, he looked like he was an attacking midfielder as he always stood behind those two strikers. He again made lots of good runs and create spaces for the team. In the team was in defense, he was one of the defense midfielders to help Ottl to defend. It seemed this tactic could made Bayern Munich more balanced.

Tim Borowski, ML: He was not a left midfielder in fact. He always appeared in the middle of the park because he ran from the left side to the centre field to made chances. In the later second half, he was assigned to be the central midfielder when the team was switched to 4-2-3-1 formation. He grabbed a goal in the match and he limited lots of spaces from the opposition right side. This was his best game so far and I do hope he can play more good games.

Miroslav Klose, FC: His confident was coming back, slowly but surely it seemed. His goal in 7th minute showed his class. This was what the top striker should be. In the remaining time he made lots of runs to create chances but sadly it did not convert to the practical goals. He was substituted in the 65th minutes, but it seemed his confident was coming back.

Luca Toni, FC: Not much thing to say about him to be honest. He had chances but he all missed it. Also, he did make some runs but his stupid dribbling really killed him. I do hope he can be better in dribbling even though he is not required to do so. This is because dribbling is the most important part of the game and if his dribbling is better, he can score more than 39 goals, which was the number of goals last season.

Franck Ribery - substituted for Miroslav Klose: Congratulations that he is back!! He did make some runs and key passes before the 2nd goal was scored. After that, he was not required to make any magic runs as the team only needed to finish the game. As he was just back from injury for 2-3 months, all he needed to do now was to gain back the feeling. I do hope he can get back the feeling after the match as the team needs him more than ever later this season.

Jose Sosa - substituted for Bastian Schweinsteiger: As Schweinsteiger was tired and the team was leading 2-0, Sosa was not required to do too many things. All he needed to complete was holding on the possession and he did it well.

Lukas Podolski - substituted for Luca Toni: Podolski only had 9 and more minutes to perform after replacing Toni and he did not have sufficient time to perform himself.

Final words: This match proved Bayern Munich should use 4-4-2 formation as their primary formation. I am not objecting to use 3-5-2 formation, as this formation has its strength. However, it seems 4-4-2 formation is more balanced for the team in terms of attacking and defending. On the other hand, Massimo Oddo had proved himself that he is the best full back in the team and Klinsmann should pick him to play at the right back and bench Christian Lell, who did not play any good game so far. After Franck Ribery is back, it seemed he will be the regular starter in the left flank and Tim Borowski will be in the squad rotation system. Bastian Schweinsteiger will still be OK to be the regular starter as he performed really well, and also Hamit Altintop is still injured. All in all, Bayern Munich should keep this formation in the remaining of the season and it is the time to stick with it, that means no more experiment!!

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