Monday, September 22, 2008

Bayern Munich vs Werder Bremen player-by-player analysis

Bayern Munich last Saturday had the greatest defeat since Allianz-Arena had established, they were humiliated by 5-2 against Werder Bremen. My apology to upload this post late as I need a little more time to settle down my emotions. Now here's the analysis:

Michael Rensing, GK: This was the match he needed to forget. He seemed so powerless to avoid the opposition kept scoring. Even though he could not be blamed so much as the defense was tragic, I can see his weakness of his ability, which is the decision making on dealing with crosses. His timing and punching were so clumsy that led the opposition had the second chance to score, especially in 2nd goal and 5th goal from the opposition. There is one good thing however, he is still at young age and this is the process he needs to come through. Plus, this is his first defeat in his senior team career.

Lucio, DC: I can see his effort, but he was still powerless to avoid defeat. He had lots of pressure from the right side defense as there was always man short in that side. As Lell had gone to attack, there were lots of spaces left behind. Also, it seemed he was not good enough to be one of the 3-man defense. It is a bit harsh to judge him like this, but if playing 3-5-2, the demand of the central defense is very high. Lucio cannot fulfill the requirement.

Martin Demichelis, DC: He seemed OK, but before receiving the yellow card. He was too cautious after he had received the booking. It can be proved in the 1st goal from the opposition, he was not dared enough to tackle Markus Rosenberg and let him score goal. After that he did not contribute too much both in offense and defense. Still, he played too cautious and let the opposition keep scoring. He must forget this match and remember to be dared a little bit much even though he received a booking.

Daniel Van Buyten, DC: He had lots of pressure on the left side of defense. There were spaces anywhere and the opposition had lots of chances to play. Not much to say to him as he was substituted at halftime. However, he was not really get used to play in this position this match and made lots of errors.

Christian Lell, MR: Even though I am a fan of Klinsmann, this time I believe Klinsmann made a huge mistake on trusting on him. I believe he is the worst player in the field, I did not see any contribution in the right side attack, plus, as he ran away for the attack, he lost the ball easily and led the opposition to have counter attacks easily. He absolutely not deserved to have the regular starting place, both in 3-5-2 formation and 4-4-2 formation.

Mark van Bommel, MC: Yes he controlled his emotions but I believe it was a bit too much. He failed to show his passion all over the match. He failed to limit the midfield space off the opposition and allowed the counter attacks from his position. That performance was totally not satisfied and I believe Klinsmann should think about it on how to help him out or even put him on the bench.

Philipp Lahm, ML: He made lots of efforts this match, but he failed to run back after the team lost the ball. It indirectly increased the pressure to Daniel Van Buyten as there was lots of space from the left. I believe the ultimate reason was the formation. He seemed he did not get used to perform well in 3-5-2 formation as he owned the left side, which means he needs to run back and forth frequently to make this formation effective. When second half changed back into 4-4-2 formation, he looked comfortable to perform well as Ze Roberto, and Sosa later helped him lots in the left side.

Bastian Schweinsteiger, AMC: He seemed he did not have any way to break off the intense defense. He faced a very heavy traffic in this match and he did not have any way to break it through. Also, the discipline defense from the opposition made him did not have any chance to make his crucial set pieces work. Base on this match, there is a question regarding him - should we put him back to the flank for easier break throughs or still putting him on the centre field to create? This is what Klinsmann needs to think.

Ze Roberto, AMC: He is tired, no doubt. I really appreciated his restless effort in this match, but sadly he seemed to reach his limit. Obviously he has run out of gas last match and this match, he only hung on. He did not contribute too much during the match, and I could not see any magic moves from him. I did not put any blames from him but as a 34-year-old veteran, he should be rotated to keep him fit all over the season.

Luca Toni, FC: He did not perform really well this match. He had chances, but he did not convert one of them into actual goals. Yes the Bremen's defense was very tight but he still had chances to score. The point is he could not get the ball right. Again, he showed himself a stupid dribbling skills and I do believe he should not take this dribbling job. All he needs to do is score goals. This is more than enough.

Lukas Podolski, FC: Miroslav Klose's injury made him start the match. He did pulled back to the middle of the park but he could not break through the solid defense. He is the best formed striker in Germany no doubt, but if I say what he needs to improve, I guess we can all see it in this match. He needs to work harder to break through the solid defense as he will face more solid and harder defense in the upcoming season. This is also the progress the come through as he is still 23, and I believe he will be the best striker in Germany, as well as in the world.

Tim Borowksi - substituted for Daniel Van Buyten: One of the two tactical changes in halftime as Klinsmann changed back to 4-4-2 formation. He did really well in the match and scored 2 consolation goals to avoid further humiliation. I believe he can play more frequently and even start the match to rotate with Ze Roberto. He did very well in holding the ball in the midfield and controlled the flow effectively. It is such as waste to bench him.

Massimo Oddo - substituted for Christian Lell: Well, as I said, why didn't Klinsmann start Oddo? He was the best player in the match, and only two players I can praise (the other player is Tim Borowski). He did well in the right side even though second half lost 3 more goals. At least he did run the attack effectively and made an very accurate cross to Tim Borowski to score. He is definitely good enough to play at the right back and right wing back in the formation and he is the regulat starter. He definitely beats Christian Lell, and comparing with Willy Sagnol who is still injured, Massimo Oddo is better.

Jose Sosa - substituted for Ze Roberto: He did helped Philipp Lahm in the left side and both of them played comfortably. However, it was too late to put him on and his contribution meant nothing to the team.

Final word: This was the massive failure of 3-5-2 formation. The 3-man defense could not communicate well and the tackles were too soft. On the other hand, the wing backs were not really get used to this formation and found a very hard time to cope with. The advantage of 4-4-2 formation is there are more helps in terms of defense and offense. It looks more solid for 4-man defense and there is one more man on the flanks when it starts an attack. I believe Klinsmann now has a dilemma - keeping the 3-5-2 formation or going back to 4-4-2? Anyway, the players not must forget this match and start it up all again.

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