Friday, September 18, 2009

Bayern München vs Nürnberg (Bunedsliga Week 6) Preview

Bayern München is back in action from Champions League to play against Nürnberg this Saturday. Bayern München is officially back in contention after 2 comprehensive victory against VfL Wolfsburg and Borussia Dortmund. On the other hand, Nürnberg is also back in action after the victory last week. Now here's the preview.

Bayern München: Since Arjen Robben arrived, Bayern München seemed like they have found the missing puzzle. They had 3 wins in a row, including the midweek Champions League. The defence looked better in Tuesday match but it is still unknown for the goalkeeping problem. Hans-Jörg Butt did not have any big test in Champions League but he did have lots of confident problem last Saturday. Even though Bayern München is back at home, the performance of Butt needs to be further proven. On the other hand, Franck Ribery and Mario Gomez did not play for the whole match in Tuesday so I believe they have full strength. Thomas Müller is very fit currently and I believe he can bring surprises to the opposition again.
What makes Bayern München to win: Quality. No doubt, the quality is far better than the opposition. I believe Robben, Ribery, and Gomez will definitely make lots of trouble to the opposition. If Gomez finishes better together with red hot Müller, I believe they can score a lot of goals.
What makes Bayern München down: Goalkeeping. As I mentioned, Bayern München did not have big test in Tuesday so this week is another good test for Butt to prove himself that he is able to be the first choice goalkeeper, for at least this season. If Butt make any cheap error again, Bayern München may not be that lucky to escape this time.

FC Nürnberg: Promoted again Nürnberg did not start really well, especially they found they were a bit outclassed in terms of attacking. Marek Mintal is very important player as he connects the players well. However, Nürnberg did not have good striker to support him. Christian Eigler and Issac Boakye are supposed to support Mintal but none of them can do the job well. It may because they are at the higher level and they need some time to work out. I believe there is not so much expectation for them when they are facing the red hot Bayern München. Snatching a draw will be their only wish in this match.
What makes Nürnberg to win: Stubborn defence. Even though the attacking is not so well, their defence is pretty good so far. They showed their discipline and the opposition was not easy to score against them. They have to work harder in order to prevent any early goals against them.
What makes Nürnberg down: Attacking. No doubt, they are outclassed by the opposition as they do not have any world class attacker so they need to work better in the attacking. Mintal needs to work better as his composure is the best in the team.

General prediction: Early goal will rule the game. Bayern München is expected to attack and dominate the match as Nürnberg focuses on defence and counter attacking. If Bayern München scores first, the game will become one-sided as Bayern München is not bad at defence this season so far. As Bayern München also has the home court advantage, I believe Bayern München do not have any problem on winning. My tip: Bayern München wins 3-0.

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