Friday, September 11, 2009

Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern München (Bundesliga Week 5) Preview

Last week players were on international duty so Bundesliga had suspended for a week. This week Bundesliga is back to action and Borussia Dortmund will host a national derby against Bayern München. Now here is the preview:

Borussia Dortmund: Last match Dortmund failed to win against Eintract Frankfurt showed the problem of finishing. Since Alexander Frei had gone back to Switzerland, the team did not have a successor to success his effective finishing skills. Sebastian Kehl is currently injured but I believe there is not much impact on the team as the team has adepted the life without him. Tinga is very important in the team as he can hold the midfield very well, especially Florian Kringe has been loaned to Hertha Berlin.
What makes Borussia Dortmund to win: Midfield defence. Tinga can take this job well and he can start the counter attack effectively. Mats Hummels at the same time can relieve Tinga in midfield defence as he is very flexible in the defensive line.
What make them down: Finishing. As mentioned, no striker is trustable in this moment. Nelson Valdez and Muhamad Zidan cannot convert the plays into practical goals well so the opposition will have an easy time to defend against them.

Bayern München: Bayern München finally started winning after the arrival of Arjen Robben. He scored two goals against VfL Wolfsburg and led the team won 3-0 at home. It proved that Robben could relieve the pressure of Franck Ribery as Robben could lead the attack as good as Ribery. This week Ribery is not likely to start but Robben can take his job. Miroslav Klose stays at München for fitness training so he is not going to play. Ivica Olic can take his job along with Mario Gomez in attack. As Gomez has to prove himself, he will play harder in this match in order to prove he is worth 30 million Euro.
What makes Bayern München to win: Fast attacks. As Robben arrived in the team, the whole team attack had been sped up a lot. Fast attacks and counter attacks will be the key of winning in this match. If Ribery is substituted in the middle of second half, it will be more threatening and is likely to score more goals.
What makes them down: Aerial defence. The match against VfL Wolfsburg showed that their aerial defence was very weak. There were at least two chances for Wolfsburg to score but Bayern München was lucky enough to escape. So this time Bayern München must be careful for their aerial defence.

Match preview: I believe defence is the deciding factor in this match. Borussia Dortmund seems better in defence but Bayern München is better at the attacks. However, Bayern München's weak aerial defence makes this match to become uncertain. So the winner should be the team who has better defence to stop the attacks.

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