Monday, May 12, 2008


If you guys know me much, you know I love coffee. In fact I don't know much about coffee. What I know is coffee is made from coffee beans, milk, cream, maybe some sugar (as I don't like sugar in the coffee), and some flavour.

Every morning, as the other coffee addicts, needs a cup of coffee to recharge myself and have a kick start of the day. Or maybe sometimes I have coffee in the noon, when I feel tired, a cup of nice coffee can refresh me up and kick back to work again.

When I walk around the coffee shop, there are more and more choice now. It's just making me a bit confused - what is it all about? Not only having the latte, mocha, cappuccino, espresso, etc, they have the other type that I've never seen. It makes me wonder it is coffee or not. The name, I don't even remember it. All I know is they are all come from espresso and get some more cream, milk, and so on so forth (please correct me if I'm wrong). Well, when I go to coffee shop, frankly I don't even know what it is.

The size - is it too much? I think it is a bit too much. There's a problem, or dilemma for me, should I stop having coffee, or should I go on having it? The point is, when I don't have coffee, I'll look like a robot without a bettery. "In-co-ordin-ate", yes, I won't be coordinate. However, when I have coffee, yes I'm fully charge but cannot stop. Usually my problem is my brain can't stop working and I realize that I was talking to myself when I sleep. Maybe the coffee works too much or maybe the size is too crazy. How many people need a Venti size of coffee a day? This is nut!! My limit is Grande (whatever you call), and that night, I will be awake all night long and the next morning, I need a coffee to wake me up again. This is a cycle.

Coffee beans, how many of you know how many types of coffee beans in the world? Frankly I don't know. For me... yes there's a difference but is it neccessary to be that good? Do you know where the most expensive coffee beans come from? It's from the animal's poop!! I don't know the name of that animal, but how it work is, they eat the coffee and they can't digest the beans so they will come out with the poop. However, the beans are being "processed" and the coffee comes out from it will be more tasteful. And becoz of this process is so "special", the price is very expensive. Ummm... maybe I have a try, I don't know if you will.

Maybe you are just saying, "Oi, just get the freaking coffee". Yep, sometimes it's just a freaking coffee, do we need that? I just want a cup of coffee. Relaxing or not, keeping you awake or not, sometimes it's just up to you. Well, I still have coffee, I won't change my attitude. Yes, I will still buy a coffee from Starbucks or some coffee shop, but at least I realize, tasting coffee is only up to me, not up to the coffee.

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