Tuesday, May 13, 2008

State of Origin

State of Origin, one of the biggest rival Rugby League match series in Australia, or even one of the biggest rivalries in the world, is going to play the Game 1 in Sydney next Wednesday. Every year the representative of New South Wales (the Blues) and Queensland (the Maroons) will play a series of 3 games against each other and decide who the winner is. This year is the 29th State of Origin series, and the defending champion is Queensland, they have already won 2 years in a row.

How to define the players in the representative team? Right now it defines as the players where they played at their first professional club. Take Greg Inglis (picture) as example, he is currently playing at Melbourne, Victoria, but he can represent the Maroons because his first club was playing at Queensland. So on the other side, a player can represent the Blues as they played at New South Wales as their first club even he is currently playing at a Queensland team. This is the meaning of "State of Origin".

As the Queensland and New South Wales are the rival of Rugby League for a long time, so every year the series is very exciting. So many great plays, great moments, great tries. This is the best quality match in the whole Rugby League season. I started to watch this series in 2005, when was the first year I studied in Brisbane, where it is in Queensland. I didn't get it at the beginning, but somehow after I watched the series, I started to get hooked with. I followed the series matches in the following year. It is very hard to describe but the feeling, I just love it, I just get hooked with. I go crazy when the Maroons scores, and I go angry when the Blues scores. I feel like I'm a part of the team.

When I finished the studies and went back to Hong Kong last year, I didn't stop following the series. I was lucky enough to find a channel in one of the paid TV network which broadcast the State of Origin series live. So how will I miss it? I can say this is the most important match beside Germany national football team in the World Cup Final. So no matter what happens, I will sit at the front of the TV and watch it.

This year, the first and final match will be played in Sydney, and second game will be played at Brisbane. My personal point of view that the Maroons will win by 2-1, maybe Game 3 will be the decider. The game is very close, nobody can be sure who will win. However I think the Maroons can win by the better halves combination, even without Darren Lockyer (picture). Speaking to Darren Lockyer, HE IS THE KING!! And maybe this is why I love to watch Rugby League so much. Lockyer is captain of Australia, Queensland Maroons, and local team Brisbane Broncos. If you have chance to watch Rugby League, he is one of the legends that you must know.

Maybe you don't feel what I said, hope this video can get you some feeling of how exciting it is.

And here is the link of what State of Origin about:

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