Wednesday, November 5, 2008

German Bundesliga Week 12 Tipping

This week German Bundesliga are going to have match week 12. Bayern München and Hamburger SV will have a great challenge after the European matchday. Last week I had 4 correct tipping with 1 correct scores. Here's my week 12 tipping:

1. FC Köln (11th) vs Hannover 96 (13th) - Friday: Last week both teams brought surprise to me, they beated the odds to win against the opposition. Especially for Hannover 96, they had another great match to beat Hamburger SV 3-0 comprehensively. Jan Schlaudraff and Mikael Forsell started to connect each other and brought the team to success. The key point for them this match is if they can keep on the morale boosting form. On the other hand, Köln had beaten Stuttgart last week away from home, it showed the team is climbing up to the good form again. The defense and the attack seem solid and it is not easy for Hannover to break. The key point of this match is the match performance. My tipping: Match draw 1-1.

Hamburger SV (5th) vs Borussia Dortmund (6th) - Saturday: The closest match in Saturday night. Hamburger SV are starting to slump down after the great form in the first month of the season. The injury problem is still making them struggle and they cannot find the solution to it. Piotr Trochowski is still the most important man in the team, but when he is underachieving, once again the team is dead. Borussia Dortmund is also starting to slump down after the great form. They fail to win the game in the last 2 matches and make them drop in the league position. Those inexperienced young guns cannot perform in the crucial moment, so that the team fail to win. The key of the match is who can step up to the plate and make a killing shot. My tipping: Match draw 2-2.

VfL Bochum (15th) vs Werder Bremen (8th) - Saturday: Werder Bremen is very disappointing this season, even they won 5-1 against Hertha Berlin and gained the morale, the team still couldn't cover the problem of fragile defense. The Champions League match totally showed this problem. Luckily their attacking force are starting to gain back the form. Claudio Pizarro and Diego are the key players to bring them success. Even though their defense has lots of problems, Bochum this season is very poor in the form. Both attacks and defense have been outclassed. The players like Paul Freier and Vahid Hashemian are in poor form. So Werder Bremen should have won easily. My tipping: Werder Bremen win 4-1.

VfL Wolfsburg (9th) vs Energie Cottbus (18th) - Saturday: Wolfsburg had lost 2 games in a row, now here's the chance to comeback. Tactically Wolfsburg is outclassed Cottbus and their attacks can definitely score against Cottbus for more than one time. Misimovic is the key factor to drive them success in this game, and I believe Cottbus has no power to stop them. So base on the different class, Wolfsburg will win easily. My tipping: Wolfsburg win 3-0.

Karlsruher SC (14th) vs Bayer Leverkusen (2nd) - Saturday: Karlsruher is one of the teams is in very poor form, they lost 5 games in a row and seemed they don't have signs to comeback. Very pitiful for them they are facing the tough team like Leverkusen in the moment they desperately need a win. Leverkusen's Tranquillo Barnetta is in the great form, together with Arthur Vidal, their midfield is one of the best in the Bundesliga. These 2 players are definitely the key factor of the match, their great performance will bring Leverkusen to another win. My tipping: Leverkusen win 3-0.

Arminia Bielefeld (16th) vs Borussia Mönchengladbach (17th) - Saturday: This maybe the most important match for both of them if they want to stay in Bundesliga this season. Both teams have trouble in terms of attacking and defense. Bielefeld is very disappointing this season so far, they still cannot find the way to get out of the trouble. Even they had a great game last week, they still failed to snatch a point back, it showed their consistency is very questionable. In Mönchengladbach side, they don't have class to perform well in Bundesliga, Marko Marin should be the savior of the team but he only performs in 70 minutes, that leads the team fail to win or bounce it back. In this important match, I place a bet on Bielefeld. My tipping: Bielefeld win 2-0.

Eintract Frankfurt (12th) vs VfB Stuttgart (10th) - Sunday: Frankfurt started to gain back the good form last season. Their attacks and defense started to become as solid as last season. So they won Mönchengladbach last Sunday. I believe their form is becoming better and they can climb up further up front in the table. Oppositely, Stuttgart is very unstable so far, they cannot keep the steady form so they remain at the mid table now. Mario Gomez is still struggling after the disappointing performance in the Euro 08, he plays well sometimes, but he plays bad sometimes as well. So this week Stuttgart is in his hands. My tipping: Frankfurt win 2-1.

Hertha Berlin (7th) vs Hoffenheim (1st) - Sunday: Hoffenheim... when will they stop? Their best form is still yet to come to be honest. Obasi is the real person to bring the team to success, his pace and stamina bring lots of trouble to their opposition. However, when they fail to keep the ball, they need to be extra careful that their defense is quite fragile, all they need to do is they push up a lot and make the opposition fail to hold on the possession. Hertha Berlin is still very ordinary this season so far. They have a solid defense, but when they lose goal first, their attacks are not powerful enough to strike back. Even worse, it creates more spaces for the others for counter attacks. Catch me if you can for Hoffenheim. My tipping: Hoffenheim win 4-0.

Schalke 04 (4th) vs Bayern München (3rd) - Sunday: This is the blockbuster in this match week. Bayern München are in the excellent form after the poor performance, they have won 4 games in a row in the league. Franck Ribery and Miroslav Klose are the person to praise. However, don't forget Tim Borowski, his performance definitely helps the team to bring out from the deadlock. The only worry for them is the defense, as they keep losing goals. Schalke at the same time is very good as well. The attacks are starting to regain the form they should have, Kevin Kuranyi is starting to gain back his scoring sense. Even Engelaar is suspended, the effect is very limited. However, the fitness of the players are questionable after the UEFA Cup match. The key of the match is if Bayern München can hold on the Schalke attacks, as well as Bayern München can score goal first. My tipping: Bayern win 1-0.

That's it for my tips!

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