Thursday, November 13, 2008

German Bundesliga Week 13 Tipping

This week German Bundesliga reaches the matchday 13. This matchday Hamburger SV will have fierce away game against Hertha Berlin and Bayer Leverkusen and Schalke 04 will play against each other. Last week the result was quite surprising to me that I only made 2 correct tips and 1 correct score within them. Now here's my tipping of this week:

Hannover 96 (13th) vs VfL Bochum (16th) - Friday: These two teams these season had their own problem. Generally speaking, their attacking could not connect each other and the defense were very fragile. Hannover's Huszti failed to connect the midfield and the attacks so far so that Mikael Forsell and Jan Schlaudraff can't reach their full potential. Same as Bochum, the midfield is not creative enough to make threats to the others defense and the attacks are very ordinary. Considering with Hannover has the home court advantage, I believe they at least will have a draw and even have a narrow win. My tipping: Hannover win 2-1.

Hertha Berlin (5th) vs Hamburger SV (4th) - Saturday: Very close call this match. Hertha Berlin showed how solid they were last match to beat Hoffenheim 1-0 and surprised me very much. This is a morale boosting match for them and I believe they can carry on to this match. Hamburger SV recently is quite unstable at the moment, especially in the away form. They cannot perform as well as at the home ground so they can't reach to the top of the table after losing to Hoffenheim 3 weeks ago. This is a very close match but considering to the poor away form from Hamburger recently, I believe Hertha Berlin will have a certain advantage. My tipping: Hertha Berlin win 1-0.

Borussia Dortmund (9th) vs Eintract Frankfurt (12th) - Saturday: I believe some Dortmund fans are very enthusiastic about the title challenge after the excellent season start, but the recent form show that they never get close. Neven Subotic and Mats Hummels are young but inexperienced so it is still unreliable to them. Robert Kovac is experienced, but his pace and reaction is too bad that only creat more harm to the team. Kovac is suspended this match so it really relies on the young defender. Eintract Frankfurt slowly but surely are coming back to the greatest form, their attacks and defense are getting better and better each match. Now I have faith on Frankfurt that they can turn things around. The key of this match is if Dortmund can score goals first and finish the game well. My tipping: Match draw 1-1.

Hoffenheim (2nd) vs VfL Wolfsburg (7th) - Saturday: Finally, Hoffenheim lost the game and ended the great form. Critics may say they will start losing games as their great form had been lost so sudden. I can't comment on this as their form is still unclear, but in some extent, they are harder to pick up the great form back. It really relies on how the manager and the players deal with it. Their defense is very poor organized in positioning and it is very easy to get passed through. On the other hand, Wolfsburg is quite solid this season, they can beat the team with the same level. Grafite is on the great form, his pace and stamina can bring lots of trouble to Hoffenheim. I believe even Wolfsburg is away, they have ability to upset Hoffenheim and get a draw. My tipping: Match draw 2-2.

VfB Stuttgart (11th) vs Arminia Bielefeld (17th) - Saturday: Even Stuttgart is very unstable this season so far, they can beat Bielefeld easily. Even Mario Gomez is not very stable in form, he can also score against Bielefeld easily. The problem of Bielefeld is the whole team is being outclassed. Their attack and defense cannot deliver at all. Stuttgart on the other hand have some good players such as Hitzlsperger can help them to perform well in the home court at least. So because of the different class, it will be an easy win for Stuttgart. My tipping: Stuttgart win 3-0.

Bayer Leverkusen (1st) vs Schalke 04 (6th) - Saturday: This is a mega blockbuster of this week. Bayer Leverkusen is very surprised to me they can reach at the top, but it is also surprised to me that they could not finish the game against Karlsruher with 3-0 lead. It can show that their team is too young and inexperienced under this situation. They cannot remain calm when they were still leading 3-2 and could not protect the win. On the other hand, Schalke showed their old problem of finishing in the front that they wasted so many chance against Bayern München. Kevin Kuranyi is very poor in form and he never recovered. Jefferson Farfan has not reached his full potential in the right flank so they found a very hard time to get a goal. However, it is a bliss that their solid defense from the midfield to the goal can bring them through. So they are standing well in the 6th position. They key of this match is Schalke's finishing. My tipping: Match draw 1-1.

Energie Cottbus (18th) vs Karlsruher SC (15th) - Saturday: It is a shame to see Cottbus' pathetic attacking force. They only score 6 goals in 12 matches! What goes wrong? They never create and connect in the attacks. They only knows rush and rush. Jiayi Shao, the Chinese playmaker is supposed to be the most important midfielder but his poor performance makes him lose his regular starting place. It really makes it worse. Even Karlsruher is at the poor form recently, which they haven't won a game in 6 weeks, they will control the game easily. My tipping: Karlsruher win 3-0.

Borussia Mönchengladbach (14th) vs Bayern München (3rd) - Saturday: It is a classic rival matchup but their distance now is too huge. Marko Marin from Gladbach is the only spotlight in the team. His pace, dribbling skills, and shooting is the best in the team, this is what Bayern must take care of, as their defense is quite unstable. In Bayern side, it is an excellent news that Lahm and Schweinsteiger are back to the team, but I doubt Lahm's form that he can perform well after more than a month's injury. Franck Ribery, Ze Roberto, and Tim Borowski are in the excellent form and it seems they will control the game once again. The key point of the game is if Bayern can keep the clean sheet, there will be no problem for them. Due to the difference class, Bayern will win easily. My tipping: Bayern München win 3-0.

Werder Bremen (10th) vs 1. FC Köln (8th) - Sunday: The only match in Sunday this week. It is very surprised for me last week that Werder Bremen can't even score. It shows that even they are very good attacking according to the statistics, actually their attacking force is declining. I believe this is the reason why they are wandering in the midtable. Together with the fragile defense, Werder Bremen fail to ensure their win through "scoring 1 more goal than you" tactics. On the other hand, Köln is very successful in the Bundesliga after purchasing some key players like Petit and Fayrd Mondragon. They have the ability to fight against any team in Bundesliga hard. So I believe this time Köln can snatch a draw from Werder Bremen and once again, Werder Bremen will break more hearts from the fans. My tipping: Match draw 2-2.

So that's it for this week's tipping! Have a good weekend!

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