Wednesday, November 19, 2008

German Bundesliga Week 14 Tipping

This weekend Bundesliga have reached the matchday 14. The top of the table seems clearer to see who the real title contenders are. However, the relegation battle seems very messy in this moment. Now here's my tipping:

Karlsruher SC (16th) vs Borussia Dormund (6th) - Friday: Karlsruher are in the lowest of the low now. They only get 1 point in last 7 matches, and haven't won a match for 7 weeks already. They totally lost the composure to win the match so that even if they can perform, they cannot win. It was very depressed for them for sure that they lost to the weakest attacking team, Energie Cottbus last week. I don't believe they can get anything to bring them to back on track this week. Oppositely, Borussia Dortmund seems to gain back their morale to win. The big win against Eintract Frankfurt is definitely a huge boost for them to climb up in the league table. Those young guns seem to have great morale in this moment and I believe they can bring the team to victory. My tip: Dortmund win 3-0.

Schalke 04 (8th) vs Borussia Mönchengladbach (14th) - Saturday: Schalke dropped to 8th after losing 2 games in a row. It showed that their attacking is so poor that leading the team lose the game. Kevin Kuranyi again did not perform last week. In my point of view he did not deserve to be the starter at all! Jefferson Farfan again did not reach his full potential. However, this match they have home court advantage and the opposition is relatively weak, so this is the great chance for them to win a game back by their solid defense. Gladbach was quite surprised to me last game that they were able to equal Bayern München, they showed their morale and never give up attitude. Marko Marin seems he is progressing well and become a "hero" of the team. The matter is if he can turn things around by himself alone again when facing the Schalke's tough defense. My tip: Schalke win 1-0.

VfL Wolfsburg (9th) vs VfB Stuttgart (11th) - Saturday: Mid table clash. Both of them are not very stable at the moment. Wolfsburg had the spirit last match to give Hoffenheim a very hard time and it was a bit unlucky that they lost in the end. Grafite is in the great form together with Japanese international Hasebe. Also, it showed their variety in attack to bring threats to any oppositions. However, their defense bring uncertainty in the team, they always fail to finish the game or need to chase the game because of that. In the other side, Stuttgart seems they never get a streak following the win. They fail a single goal to win against Armina Bielefeld and hold out a bore draw last week. Their attack is so uncertain that to fail to bring them a victory, so that they are still at the mid table. My tip: Match draw 1-1.

Eintract Frankfurt (levelled 12th) vs Hannover 96 (levelled 12th) - Saturday: Well, can you get any closer than that? Both teams are in the same position! Eintract Frankfurt are very disappointed to me last week that they lost comprehensively. I hope that it won't affect them too much. Again, they are getting better and better, 12th position is an appropriate position for them. Hannover on the other hand is quite impressed for me. They lost heaps of players due to injuries but they can still perform well. I thought they are in deep trouble in the league but they stand tough in the 12th position. It was very unlucky for them that they fail to win last week as the young goalkeeper Florian Fromlowitz made a mistake. This is the worry to the team for me and I think that it is not easy to win Frankfurt this week. My tip: Match draw 1-1.

VfL Bochum (15th) vs Hertha Berlin (4th) - Saturday: Hertha Berlin is very impressing this season so far. As their stable performance make them climb to 4th in the table. Very few bookmarkers believe that they can reach to that high, if they accord to their performance in last few seasons. Arne Friedrich is very good this season and he leads the defense very well that very few teams are able to crack them down (in fact, only Bayern München and Werder Bremen could crack them, even Hoffenheim couldn't). However, their attacks is not so stable so that they always win by short, which is quite risky that the others can level them up by seeking 1 single chance. In the other side, Bochum is still in all sorts of trouble. They strayed in the bottom of the table and they may hope that winter break comes sooner so they can re-group what they have done wrong. However, before the winter break comes, I cannot see any clues that they can bounce back. So, another loss for them. My tip: Hertha Berlin win 2-0.

1. FC Köln (10th) vs Hoffenheim (2nd) - Saturday: Last week Hoffenheim showed us that they are not down and out yet. They still managed themselves to win a hard fought game against Wolfsburg. However, Hofenheim now are starting to find a harder time to win the game as their hot streak is coming to an end. Even Obasi and the other players are still in good form, they show their how weak they are if they are not on the ball. Lack of positioning make them lose so many goals. On the other hand, Köln is quite solid this season. Being at 10th position is only because their class is not good enough to the title challenging team. Their defense is quite solid and the attacks is quite stable, so that relegation is not for them. I do believe Köln have the ability to upset Hoffenheim as they know each others well and Köln is very solid in performance. My tip: Match draw 2-2.

Bayern München (3rd) vs Energie Cottbus (18th) - Saturday: Bayern had not learnt their lesson for not counting the chickens too early against Bochum 2 months ago and again, they failed to win in 2 goals lead. The players were gone too relaxed and thought they went home with 3 points already. In the end, they dropped 2 points out! This time they go back to their home court against the weakest team in Bundesliga so far, if they are carefully enough, they will win this match easily. Cottbus on the other side they can't get anything right in their attacks and defense so they are very very hard to stop the hot Bayern players like Luca Toni, Franck Ribery, and Ze Roberto. The only advantage of Cottbus is they have no pressure in this match at all, this maybe the uncertainty of the match. My tip: Bayern win 5-0.

Arminia Bielefeld (17th) vs Bayer Leverkusen (1st) - Saturday: Bielefeld is another team which really hopes for the winter break comes early as they cannot turn things around now. They are just better than Cottbus a bit. If they cannot improve drastically, it is very hard to see them in Bundesliga next season. Their attacks are too rely on individual effort and it can't bring any threats to the others at all. Bayer Leverkusen is the opposite. Their attacks are relying on excellent team work and fast through balls and short passes, so that's why they keep scoring and they are now at the top of the table. With the aid of goalkeeper Rene Adler, the defense becomes very solid. So there should not be a problem for Leverkusen to have a big win. My tip: Leverkusen win 3-0.

Hamburger SV (5th) vs Werder Bremen (7th) - Sunday: Hamburger recently is pretty unstable, they lost to Hertha Berlin and again failed to maintain the form. This is because there are too many injuries in the defense and goalkeeper Frank Rost is pretty hard to take care all of the shots coming in, as the defense is too weak to let the opposition to go deep easily. The attack again is too relying on Pitor Trochowski, his form recently is not really good so that they are quite hard to score goals. Werder Bremen on the other hand they are getting better now. Their attack seems to gain back what they had last season. Claudio Pizzaro is the best transfer for them as he can stabilize the attacks. However, with their fragile defense and Hamburger has the home court advantage, I believe Hamburger can snatch a point with a high scoring game. My tip: Match draw 3-3.

So that's it for my tipping!

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